"The Standout at New York's cabaret convention."
Town & Country Magazine

Maye Cavallaro has a haunting voice, is expert at caressing ballads, and displays a wistful and subtle style. On this set she is teamed with the sympathetic guitar of Mimi Fox for a program of duets with occasional appearances by Paul McCandless (mostly on soprano sax) and percussionist Ian Dogole. The jazz standards (including four by Duke Ellington) work best, although there are also numbers from Elvis Costello and Paul Simon. The interplay between Cavallaro and Fox is stimulating, and their arrangements cast new light on some of the standards. This set grows in interest with each listen.
Scott Yanow,
All Music Guide

Far more evenly matched are mellow chanteuse Maye Cavallaro and dexterous guitarist Mimi Fox on their consistently superb Hearts (Redhead). Cavallaro's easy elegance and burnished vocal beauty, luxurious as purple velvet, suggest a more robust Diana Krall. Fox, alernating among three acoustic guitars, two electrics and one nylon-string, ehoes the magnificence of les Paul. Like Paul, she knows how to blend seamessly with a singer. She is the cool yin to Calvallaro's warm yang-two dynamic halves of a greater whole. Listening to their downy "Daydream," percolated "I'm Beginning To See The Light," boldly expansive rendering of Paul Simon's "Under African Skies," and sensual, Latin-accented interpretation of Jesse Neal Barish's tender title track is to experience teamwork at its most magical.
Christopher Loudon

She knows how to take an old standard and bring out all of the hidden beauty....She crafts dramatic presentations and then takes you into the heart of the music.
Robert Tate


Maye Cavallaro's appearance doesn't prepare you for her voice. Her svelte figure, closely cropped red hair, and delicate features give little hint of the sultry and sonorous contralto you hear when she starts to sing. She handles her voice with the dynamic control, perfect intonation and soul reaching resonance of a fine cellist. She caught the unique essence of each of more than a dozen songs and recounted it as though it expressed her own individual experience.
Sherman Spencer
The Record

...an exuberant sexy voice that wears well, with subtle jazz embellishments. A confident, supple singer whose easy, pleasing style invites a second visit.
Gerald Nachman
San Francisco Chronicle

...a sultry contralto loaded with inflections reminiscent of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Mahalia Jackson-yet very much her own...one of our very best singers.
Philip Elwood
San Francisco Examiner

Maye Cavallaro sparkles like the best cut diamond-many faceted and well worth showing off. This lady shoud be experienced live. And because seeing her in person is not possible for most of us, this is the next best thing. This is a full package, one that many music lovers would enjoy, whether you like jazz, ballads, blues or just calming, soothing melodies, you'll be delighted with your purchase of this CD.
Tammy Childs
Cyber.city CD Reviews

There is a rich, melting tone at the center of Maye's voice that lends itself beautifullly to her slow savoring of each note and every word....Her warm contralto lulls you and draws you in from the first song.... She owns every word and you believe that she knows what she's singing about.
Elaine Lucia
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